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“*” areas marked with this mark must be filled absolutely. Otherwise your application will not be accepted.

”Sex” and “Main subjects for project” columns may be pressed by mouse twice and “Checked” can be chosen from opened window.

Participants are recommended to bring by themselves photos and state symbols representing their countries.
Filled forms must be sent to or e-mail addresses until 01.01.2008.

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Teacher of Biology


Russia, Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk

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Russia, Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk, Himikov str., 22-58.

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Russia, Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk, Siumbike str.50-79

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Summary of the project:

*Main subjects for project:

 Biology of environment

 Physics of environment

 Chemistry of environment

 Sociology of environment

  *Project Title (name): Give title to your project that brifely and substantially describes it, in one sentence.

Modern technology - friend or enemy for the family?

*Summary of the project:

Give brief information in 250 words about purposes, methods and gained conclusions of your project.

Modern technologies are getting used to our life, we can not imagine it without things that now exist in the life of every person, whether it is a phone or a pager all around us and which offers us new opportunities. But these innovations, besides benefit can bring us harm, phone radiation has not been studied yet by scientists, and what if they are dangerous and their radiation is a slow death for a man? And modern bio-additions, yes they are tasty, but at the same time many of them can cause terrible diseases such as stomach ulcer!
No matter how beautiful and harmless those things seem to us, which we use every day, they can also bring to us unbearable injury, because their origin is not organic. We have got no idea that children playing with harmless toys, as they may seem, are in a great danger in reality. Nowadays, a lot of light and melamine dishes are sold in the subway and merchandise markets. Lovely bears, flowers and butterflies hide the strongest carcinogen inside of them, which influences our organism badly. Seeking for hygiene, we forget that powder(detergents), toothpaste, shampoo used by us may do more evil than good, both to human health and environment. One of the major problems of mankind is smoking, it kills millions of lives yearly, most of the smokers do not fancy all the harm and trouble which carries only one cigarette. All these problems are related to every person, every family and society

In the family if one of the members accepts drugs, drinks alcohol, smokes is inflamed or ill from technological (material) affects, it affects not only the one family member, but the whole family at once. The family begins to split up as the family is the part of the society, it affects society as a virus in an organism destroying it.
Destination of our project is to get people acquainted with the harm of modern technologies and products derived from them, and help people to limit the usage of harmful technology.

*Purpose of your project: In this section, explain purpose of your project work by one or few sentences. Line up your objects in items, if possible.

The aim of our project is to get people acquainted with the harm of modern technologies person affects their family than affects to society and products derived from them, and help people to limit the usage of harmful technology.

   Attach appropriate photo.(Attached photo will help to understand the project)
10x15 cm (150 dpi)

*Introduction: Here give information about carried out works by other people connected with content of your project work. Show reasons differing your work from others. Explain how you used the results gained from similar works and describe targets of your work.

Time passes quickly, the modern parents simply do not have enough time to read literature about the health protection. Our project is unique to some extend, we have gathered the only correct and up-to-date information. The content of our project is sorted by actuality. The information was edited for many times on the site to leave only the main things.

   Attach appropriate photo. (Attached photo will help to understand the project)
10x15 cm (150 dpi)

* Method: In this section describe your observations, the way which you followed during your project work and motives covered by your work.
Information on practises must be given openly and substantially. (Where, when and by whom practices were conducted, under which conditions, and how many times practices were repeated).

The 2008th is declared to be the Year of the Family in Russia. Unfortunately, parents rarely ask for information regarding preservation of the health of their children and themselves, mainly due to the dispersal of this information. A variety of articles are spread all over the internet and the sets of books, sometimes people show their laziness in looking for it. We have created a project examining a great number of aspects of life (food, electronics, tobacco, etc.). Thanks to our work, the parent will not have any difficulty in finding the necessary information.

   Attach appropriate photo. (Attached photo will help to understand the project)
10x15 cm (300 dpi)


* Conclusions and Exchange of opinions: Write conclusions achieved in connection with your project work, in this section. These conclusions may consist of numerical values, some arithmetical equalities, and verbal expressions. If possible, show numerical results in from of tables or graphics and show analyses and calculations. Make discussions on this subject demonstrating validity of your findings. If there are reasons influencing negatively your results, please give explanatory information about them.

If a person either gets ill from technology reasons (psychology or it way be to his body) or he gets accustomed to bas habits and continues doing that , he will curtaining suffer from these habits as well as his family and people around him. This will lead to the restless life for the person as well as for the whole society, because the society will be affected by his deeds and behavior.

So together with all the benefits of the technology you may see harm of it to all the people.

We are planning that after the launch of electronic copies of our project into the worldwide Internet network, the overall usage of the "harmful" technology will be much reduced and their parents will be informed what products can be harmful both for their children and themselves.

  Attach appropriate photo. (Attached photo will help to understand the project)
10x15 cm (150 dpi)

* Sources: In this section, indicate written sources that you have applied connected with project work, according to alphabet, lining up by name of author.

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